Saab patches available – limited numbers

I’ve received an email from a former Saab dealership owner in Germany. Michael was doing a cleanup and found this box of Saab patches, which he’s offering for sale….. to SU readers first.
Michael used to sell these on Ebay at an average of around 12 Euros each. Today, he wants to offer them up to Saab fans directly for just 7.50EUR each, plus postage.
Here’s what’s available:

  • Saab 900 Convertible – 7 pieces
  • Saab 99 – 12 pieces
  • Saab Sonett II – 15 pieces
  • Saab 96 – 8 pieces
  • Saab 95 – 13 pieces
  • Saab 92 – 9 pieces

And here’s a sample. Click to enlarge:
Saab 92.jpg
Saab 95.jpg
Saab 96.jpg
Saab 99.jpg
saab 900 cv.jpg
You can contact Michael at the following email address: (change the -at- to the usual @)
Michael will throw in a Saab pin with each one sold as a bonus.
Thanks to Michael for thinking of SU readers first before throwing these up for the general public.

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