Saab scale models – which would you choose?

We don’t have much time to comment on this as the manufacturer concerned has asked for comments by April 22. Still we do what we can.
This is from Ralf22, who’s working with some German Saab dealers on marketing and promotion in Germany.

German Saab dealers are complaining about the lack of little 1:87 Saab model cars as a giveaway to their customers. Of course there are the big 1:43 models. But these are much too expensive for this purpose. So we made contact with WIKING – legendary manufacturer of 1:87 model cars.
They have many classic VW, Mercedes, Opel, Ford models. They have some legendary Citroen cars and two VOLVOs. They even have such nice rarities like a “Tatra 87”. Wow. But guess what? They have absolutely NO SAAB model.
Too bad.
At the end of the upcoming week they will make decisions aboutfuture models. So there is a chance they could choose some classic SAAB model(s).
They ask worldwide Saab enthusiasts: Which classic Saab should be produced as 1:87 model? And what is your color preference? (Of course it should be a real Saab colcor of its time.)
Please have your say in comments……here are some suggestions (with apologies in advance for the mis-stated convertible – not my image)……

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