Saab study questions

It’s always good to see the youngsters interested in Saab. So when get questions from time to time from students asking about Saab, I like to try and help out where I can. Part of that is getting some wider opinions from the people who in many ways, know Saab the best – the customer.
Jan is a Dutch student who has to answer the following question…..

What price and product decisions need to be made by the management of Saab provide a 3% market share in Holland at the 31st of December 2020?

In order to answer that, Jan has a few questions of his own. I’ve passed two of those on to others who are in a better position to answer (they relate to current marketshare, etc).
But the following two might be questions that you’d like to share a little insight on, based on your knowledge of what’s going on with Saab right now.
Let’s face it, if Saab are going to grow a 3% market share in any country not named Sweden then they’re going to need the customers to do it.
The questions are as follows:

  1. What are today’s and tomorrow trends in the car business?
  2. What price- and product-strategy can by made for Saab focusing on the main-enquiry and how is this translated in a strategic-plan?
  3. What sort of strategy do you think has made those with the most growth in the last 10 years so successful (whoever those companies might be)?

Please feel free to fire away on comments.

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