Saab USA ought to do a roadshow

From Chris, via comments:

OK, that’s great, but the U.S.of A. is huge. Time for a road show. Every major market should have something in the way of dog and pony show, meet and greet. At some dealership, with folks from the Mi. home office. Say, work off the list of customers who have purchesed new Saabs over the last 6 years, and send them a personal invit. There is the message, “we are back, we want your business, and you are part of the family, and by the way, here is a free hot dog.” Local clubs to help in this as well.

Around 4.5 years ago, when this blog was young and fresh, and when Saab sales were quite a bit healthier, I suggested a similar thing. I think I was (naively) lobbying to run Saab’s operations in Canada or something similar.
I don’t know how much it’d cost, but I reckon Chris is dead right. Now would be a great time for such an outreach effort.
Saab have said quite specifically that they want to get former customers back in the fold. They’re going to target them electronically and whilst that’s a good start, getting eyes on metal and bums on seats is a much better option.
Spring is springing. People are feeling good. Why not tap your dealer network for facilities, hire a truck with some nice graphics on the side and get a 9-5 and 9-3x out there for people to look over?
Attendances will be high, as will the interest. Build it all up, like the convoys. Watch it snowball. Sales will end up higher but more importantly, word will get around at a grassroots level that Saab is still here and ready to ship ’em out.

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