Saab Websites Update

100% Saab informed us through comments earlier today that 2010 models and pricing are available now on the US website.
I just specced up a Saab 9-3x in Titan Gray on the build-your-own website and it all seems to work OK.
I’d still love for them to bring the US site into line with the fresher looking European sites, but having said that, I’d also love it if they were all less flash-based.
I hand’t seen it before, but then I don’t keep tabs on such things.
A cool April calendar is up on the Swedish Saab site.
I know we didn’t have an SU calendar at the beginning of April. That was due to low photo stocks.
I’ve got a cracker lined up for May, though.
Still on the Swedish site…..
Is the Saab Drivers Club a new thing? Again, it’s something I hadn’t seen before and am just wondering if it’s a new initiative.
Unfortunately, with the way the site is configured, I can’t cut-n-paste the text into a translator to figure out what it’s all about and I can’t see anything about it on the global site.

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