Saabs United at the New York Auto Show – prelude

It’s fair to say that things haven’t quite gone to plan.
The graphics card in Jeff’s computer decided it had had enough – today, of all days – so he’s been limited in what he’s been able to post.
And aside from that, he was at the New York freaking Auto Show with Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson – you think he wants to sit around writing freaking stories for your sorry a$$es all night??
OK, that’s me channeling some distant New York relative…….
But the following snippets have been gleaned and there’s a few photos over at the SaabsUnitedNY website:

  • Time to upload. Met with a ton of people, all very generous with their time and could not be a more professional and serious organization. Will update blog momentarily…
  • Saab didn’t really have many live moments worth covering, it was a very informal day for them. I left it on live sitting on a tripod when Victor was around if anyone caught the images. He went to the village for a lunch interview which took some time. I’m catching up with him tonight at the Cooper Classic Cars Saab event. Should be fun.
  • I think a lot of the staff are still getting their bearings from what I observed today, it’s like their learning to walk with two feet after only being able to use 1 for so long with GM. The good news is they’re all extremely positive and confident, and I believe they’ll get things sorted out.
  • The 9-5 is so much better than its predecessor it’s not even funny. I will share more on the blog later tonight or tomorrow, but it’s insane how many people who have never seen it just say, wow.

Jeff will have heaps more to write about and show you when the party’s all said and done.

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