SaabUSA need to get in touch with William and Mary college

Video first….

OK, now the words…..

William and Mary are almost most definitely not in the NorthEast (forgive me, but my civil war knowledge is rusty) but they’re old skool (the second oldest in the country) and they’ve just adopted the Griffin as their mascot. Is there any more perfect a targeted promotional opportunity aimed at getting the youngsters in the door?
I don’t know what the rules and regulations are regarding sponsorships of college sports, etc (nor do I know if these guys rank anywhere in college sports, but just their search for a mascot was big enough to make ESPN), but if I were Saab Cars North America I’d be checking it out.
“Get me the Griffin!” he says.
I got a Griffin for ya, pal.
Thanks to Cade, a W&M alum, for the tip!
Out of respect for the Saab Club of North America, I’ll continue referring to Saab Cars of North America as SaabUSA from time to time rather than using the SCNA acronym.

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