Saturday Snippets – sailing edition

Having picked up the new car and given my sister a scary ride (little brothers never change), I’m heading for the boat for the overnight ride home.
Turns out the seller of the Alfa has just bought a 2002 Saab 9-5 Aero and in the ensuing webs surfing managed to come across this little website about Saabs 🙂
That’s not where the coincidences end, though. Turns out this car was one that I was considering a few years ago when I bought my first Alfa. Norbert got in before me and bought it, but I’ve managed to pick it up a few years later.
In these changing, turbulent times, it’s good to know that some things never change.
TTAC is still as cynical as ever when it comes to Saab.
If you feel like giving Saab a boost, vote for the Saab 9-3 in this best midsize poll over at Autoweek.
Today Online has a brief PR interview with the chief of Trans Eurokars, the importer for Saab in Singapore.

The Saab brand is here to stay! The Saab brand has a long, distinguished history in motoring. Throughout the whole takeover episode, Trans Eurokars remained committed to the brand. Under the new ownership of Spyker Cars, we are confident that Saab has found the right owner to take the brand forward and Trans Eurokars will continue its long-standing relationship as the only official distributor of Saab cars here in Singapore.

I love CAR Magazine, but I find it a bit cheeky when they show these Saab concept drawings and claim them as their own scoop.
We saw those in the Swedish press over a week ago.
Have a good weekend, all. I’m off to the ferry and for a long drive home.

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