Spyker General Shareholder Meeting held in Zeewolde

Spyker have held a General Shareholder Meeting in Holland and according to the Telegraaf newspaper, all seems to have gone well.

You can get a copy of the meeting agenda and notes from the Spyker Cars website (pdf).

A Googletrans from Telegraaf:


ZEEWOLDE (AFN) – The production of the Swedish car maker Saab is going according to plan. Factory orders have risen since the takeover by the Dutch Spyker Cars in February. That said CEO Jan-Ake Jonsson, Saab’s general meeting on Thursday Spyker.

Spyker CEO Victor Muller said he intends to decide the summer on whether to maintain the listing on the Amsterdam stock exchange. He would like listings in Stockholm and London, where the share is expected to be more then traded in Amsterdam.

Saab aims for this year on sales of 50,000 cars. Production should amount to 53,800 pieces, said Jonsson. The objective of, inter alia the introduction of new models. The Saab 9-5 can now be ordered, but only in late May formally marketed.


Early 2011, the 9-4X track and in 2012, the 9-3. Saab also looking at developing a new compact car, the 9-1.

Saab wants its main plant in Trollhättan Sweden back to the production and sale of pre-crisis level of about 100,000 to 125,000 units per year, including the 9-4X will be built in Mexico.

Muller said that Spyker still think about the production of an SUV, but that no decisions have been made. “We therefore have no fixed commitments with third parties”said Muller.


All sounds OK to me.

It’s my understanding that a press release should be forthcoming from this soon as well. I’ll probably be asleep by then, so please keep one another informed. I believe there may be a statement in that release pertaining to and clarifying the Saab GB episode that sent the Swedish press into a fit earlier this week.

I made enquiries about it and heard that that may be the case, but I don’t want to pre-empt the statement by releasing what I understand will be said about the issue. I will say, however, that it’s pretty much how I summed it up earlier this week – it’s a different entity and Saab Automobile’s operations are not affected by the pooling of the rest of Spyker Cars NV’s resources.

Thanks to Jos for the Telegraaf link.

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