Spyker to launch timepieces at LeMans

When I caught up with Victor Muller for an interview back in March, he was in Geneva and in transit from a jeweller’s shop to the motor show.
Whilst I figured he might be arranging a new watch for personal use to celebrate the Saab acquisitioin, it seems he was most likely looking into these little numbers.
The press release from Spyker:
Spyker Cars N.V., the exclusive Dutch luxury sportscar manufacturer, announced today a licensing Agreement with Expressions d’Artistes International, of Geneva, to design, manufacture and distribute on a worldwide basis an exclusive collection of high-luxury wristwatches entirely made in Geneva.
spykertimepiece.jpg The Spyker Timepieces collection will consist of mechanical chronographs in 18K grey gold, 18K rose gold and steel. All timepieces will embody the sophisticated design attributes and manufacturing excellence that have made Spyker such an extraordinary super sports cars brand sought by motoring enthusiasts on all continents. Watch aficionados will be impressed by the time machines’ many features, such as a Valjoux-powered chronograph with hand-made Spyker decorations on the movement and rotor.
Each creation will be individually numbered, and sport many features such as a date indicator, power reserve, a bouchonn

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