Teknikens Varld drive final Saab 9-5, check out BAIC C71 and C60 in Beijing

Teknikens Valrd have been quite busy reporting on Saab related stuff this week.
First of all, they took the final Saab 9-5 to roll off the production line for a spin, ending up at the Saab museum in Trollhattan. I don’t understand Swedish, but it looks like they might have been met there by Peter Backstrom along with what I’m guessing is the first 9-5 to roll off the production line way back in the 1990s.
Apparently they talk about this final 9-5 drive in very nice terms.
Click here to watch the video (best if you speak Swedish).
Second, they’ve been in Beijing for the Auto Show and paid some special attention to the vehicles shown by Beijing Automotive that are based on old Saab models acquired by the company.
There are two C71 models on show, one of which is a regular car and the other being a prototype electric vehicle. BAIC are looking to turn Saab’s old 9-5 into an electric car capable of a 90 mile range, with a battery pack that can be swapped out and replaced at outlets set up for the purpose.
Teknikens Varld have a gallery of 20+ photos on their site.
The C60 on show is basically a recent model Saab 9-3 with some different lights front and rear. It’s likely something that was put together very quickly in Trollhattan in the lead up to the Beijing show.
It looks like they’ve put quite a bit more time into the customisation of the C71, based on the Saab 9-5. It also looks like the 9-5 wasn’t all they picked up whilst they were in Sweden 🙂
Whilst the C60 wears a basic Saab interior, the C71 interior seems to have been embellished quite a bit on the show car.
And it is important to remember that these are just show cars. BAIC won’t start building their Saab-derived vehicles for another 18 months to 2 years as they’re still building the factory at the moment.
We won’t know what the final vehicles will look like for a while yet.
The blue one, which we first saw coming off a truck out the back of the show building, is the C71 Electric Vehicle.
BAIC are pouring heaps of money not only into the Saab tooling acquisition and factory build, but also into electric propulsion.
Thanks to several people for the links to the various Tekniken’s articles today.

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