TTELA: Spyker take money from the Saab company

First up, please bear in mind that I’m working almost purely from a Google translation here, including that headline. As with all electronic translations, things get lost in confusing muddle of context, syntax and grammar, so bear with me.
The following is a Googletrans of an article in TTELA (the local Trollhattan newspaper) today.
I’ve emailed Saab for some comment on this, and I’ve got a little bit of correct translated info from Erik W at the end of this piece.
To cover losses in the Spyker company would take money from Saab Great Britain. According to Victor Muller of Spyker, this means not taking money from Saab, but from an independent company to be bought by GM.
To cover the losses of Spyker Cars, the company would take money from Saab Great Britain.
– Spyker does not take money from Saab. This is an independent company that we buy from GM, “said chairman Victor Muller.
Spyker Cars is bleeding hard. Sports car manufacturer made a loss of 220 million kronor last year. To cover up the losses the company would create a single so-called “cash pool” with the British retail company Saab Britain, where Spyker Cars can borrow money to cover losses from business news reports TV4.
The task is in a footnote in Spyker Cars accounts.
– We did not steal anything. It is of course clear in our statement, “says Saab Automobile President and CEO of Spyker Cars, Victor Muller said.
Saab GB is owned by General Motors. Spyker Cars will acquire the company for

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