TTELA visit Saab factory

Saab are beginning to ramp up production, from 28 cars an hour to 39 cars and hour, which is part of the reason they’ve been looking to re-hire around 200 employees recently.

SaabFactoryWork.jpg This is all very encouraging news and a reflection on Saab getting back to work, doing what they do best.

Local newspaper, TTELA, has been down at the factory recently and published a great piece on their visit and conversations with people there.

If you’ve never visited the factory, I can really recommend it. It’s fascinating to watch the cars come down the line and the marraige of the body and chassis is fantastic to watch. I can still remember the twinkle in (former Saab PR guy) Christer Nilsson’s eyes as he led me around on a factory tour and described this part to me.

Here’s the Googletrans, which I’ve edited lightly.

Thanks to Per for the link.


The wheels have begun to roll back inside one of Europe’s most efficient car plants. 
 1.1 billion is the cost to make the plant ready to build new Saab 9-5 and 9-3 convertible.

– It feels great to be going again,” said Ulla Andersson, team leader in the paint correction.

Her relief is understandable. When the line went still in the Saab plant back in January, it was still uncertain whether it would ever roll once again. Production Director Gunnar Brunius remember how it felt then.

– When we went into these premises at the time, then it was fateful, I can say,” he says as he shows TTELA around every corner in the factory.

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