Tuesday quick snippets – car care edition

It seems some Hummer fans are taking a leaf out of the Saab book.

Hummer may be on its last leg at the moment, but fans of the brand aren’t going to let their favorite earth-roaming SUVs go down without a fight. Capital & Labor International Coalition, a newly-minted organization, thinks it has all the answers to the brand’s woes, and has scheduled a summit to help save Hummer here in the states on April 11.
This assemblage could be more than just a few fans with posters. CLIC has invited everyone from shareholders to Hummer’s CEO and United Auto Workers leaders. Thane Ritchie, chairman of the organization, said CLIC has taken a good hard look at the General Motors/Hummer issue and there may be another option out there other than just turning off the lights for good.
Members of the group have even invited Senator Rolland Burris (D-Illinois) to help out as well. Burris will be acting as a liaison between the coalition and the federal government, especially when it comes to getting any aid for the brand. In the meantime, the Save Hummer in America rally will be held next week in Chicago. Hey, it worked for Saab, right?

Whilst they might have themselves feeling good about having a fancy name and inviting some heavy hitters along, it’ll take more than that to make it work.
The Saab Support Convoys were a success for the sole reason that they featured “a few fans with posters”. Well, more than a few, actually. They featured around 6,000 vehicles at more than 60 rallies all around the world. That kind of spontaneous action meant some serious media coverage, and that meant GM couldn’t make a decision about Saab in the dark. People were watching.
If Hummer supporters and owners don’t get out there and support their brand, then a few heavy hitters aren’t going to amount to a hill of beans.
I actually wish them well. Whilst I wouldn’t ever want a Hummer, it was actually one of the few GM labels with a real identity that people could get passionate about. Hopefully there’s enough of them to make someone listen.
Has the Easter holiday led to you doing a little bit of car preparation for the months ahead?
I’ve used the extra days off to finally give the Monte a decent tidy up and some much needed attention.

  • I finally managed to give it only its second wash in 16 months. Yes, I’m ashamed.
  • I also reinstalled the BSR open air filter, just for fun. Sounds great, but I know I’ll tire of it eventually so it’s nice to have the Maptun performance filter to go back to.
  • I finally got around to putting on my smoked side repeaters (there was a wiring issue that prevented me from doing so earlier)
  • and some new bulbs for the headlamps.
  • I re-torqued the rear sway bar and front brace
  • The final addition involved installing some more bits from the Viggen carbon fibre interior kit that I bought last year.

Today I’ll give the leather a good conditioning, as well as cleaning up all the window glass. The car still needs a good cut and polish, but that’ll come.
I’m hoping to get the Monte out for some video later on today, so I can test the GoPro HD video camera I picked up last month.
So, did you do any Saabification this Easter?

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