Tuesday Snippets – Saabs arriving in the US edition

Apparently there are around 1,000 new Saabs sitting at a dock in Newark, awaiting distribution to dealers around the United States.
That’s got to be welcome news.
Here’s three of them arriving at a Saab dealership in PA:
This is the new beginning, yet another step in the new story of Saab.
This seems to be significant: Electric Mini drives the Nordschleife in 9:51
Either the story about Vladimir Antonov wanting to build Saabs in Russia just won’t go away, or Inside Line are several weeks behind previous reports on this subject.
I vote for option 2, as there doesn’t seem to be anything new in this IL report.
Note to Victor Muller – buy at least one of these.
Could be used for Spyker Squadron, or for something Saaby as well. It makes financial, logistical and strategic sense. They don’t have to be used for motorsport, after all but could be extremely useful.

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