Wednesday Afternoon Snippets – Muller interview and Autoline After Hours

Autosavant have a good interview with Victor Muller from a function Saab hosted in Greenwich Village during the New York Auto Show.

… company becomes premium because it calls itself premium. You have to earn your premium status. And, you have to earn it in every aspect of the business. From your showroom CI to your quality of your product, to the look and feel of your interiors, it’s the whole experience, from service, to the way you’re greeted when you enter the dealership. All those components, define, in the end, whether you’re accepted as a premium brand or not. Clearly, Saab is a premium brand. But, I would like to see the brand go up in terms of being premium.

I don’t know that there’s anything we haven’t heard already, but it’s always nice to hear from Victor and reaffirm what we’ve heard before.
If you’ve got a spare 80 minutes – and yes, I know that’s a long time – then check out Edition #49 of Autoline After Hours.
AAH is the laid back, guys-in-a-bar version of Autoline Detroit where they get in an industry type to chat with a few automotive media guys. It’s always good viewing.
This week there’s some very interesting stuff, none of which is directly Saab related, but is interesting nonetheless. Like the way Ford have a pipe going from the induction chamber of the Mustang to the cabin to channel the induction sound so the driver doesn’t miss that noise with all the NVH work they’ve done on the car. There’s also a good insight into climbing SUV sales, which by extension, can be taken as ‘why Saab dealers in the US would love to have the 9-4x yesterday’.
AAH is on every Thursday night.
Saab sold no cars in Australia in March 2010.
Of course, my understanding is that we haven’t had any new cars delivered into the country for some time, but still, I thought there’d be some stock somewhere to be sold.
We need that new import organisation to start up in Oz asap, and yes Victor, Parveen, whoever…. if you need a committed, professional and competent staffer, you know where to get hold of me.
On the upside……Australians:
Soon-to-be supercar makers,
Writers of the best letters ever used to get out of parking fines, and
Great pilots.
We rock!

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