Wednesday night snippets – Oh Canada edition

In case you Canadians missed it in comments, there was a story there pertaining to Saab’s future in Canada.
I’ve had the commenter email me as well.

‘Late Breaking’: VM in Toronto week of May 10 for the launch of ‘Saab Canada’!
Budd’s Saab (local dealership; oldest in the country) will be the distribution anchor.
How do I know this? Well, my colleague just purchased one of the last new/demo ’09 9-3s there and it was mentioned casually. Actually, I’m surpised that they’re being so coy about it. Must be waiting for confirmation of actual day…or the Volcanic Plume to clear :).
Saab 9-5 will be there. With drives for the Press only at this time…

No official word yet, but this is quite promising.
Speaking of the volcanic plume, there was some concern about Saab having to close production due to the volcanic cloud as delivery of some parts wouldn’t be possible.
Saab, like most (all?) car manufacturers, runs on a just-in-time management regime where they don’t keep large stocks of parts for assembly. They have them delivered, as the name suggests, just in time for use at the plant.
TTELA are reporting that it looks like Saab will be OK.

Earlier this week were assessed as high risk that material shortages would put an end to Saab’s production at the end of the week. The risk is still there, but with some air could move past few days the situation has improved.
– We know that we will be able to run production tomorrow. [Whether we can run] all day remains to be seen,’ said Mrs Hogstrom on Saab’s communications department.

Apparently the parts they might be waiting for have to come in from Turkey.
Ny Teknik have had a tour around Saab’s manufacturing facility, a new treat considering the way it’s operating with multiple models on the same line.

– I dare not claim that we alone in the world with our solution. But it is extremely unusual,” says Saab’s production director Gunnar Brunius, when he takes the Ny Teknik on a tour of the body shop. He expects that Saab saved almost 50 million on building a [single] process instead of two [lines].

Thanks to Fredrik G for the link.
I’ll tell you more about this one in the next day or so….. click to enlarge.

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