Wednesday Night Snippets – Saab Saved in NM edition

My apologies for the lack of posting this evening. My computer got a bit tied up downloading the new album from Slash and here in Oz, we’re still on connections that make that sort of activity rather s l o w.
Great album, by the way. Stockdale does Australia proud.
The Saab Club of New Mexico got together recently to celebrate Saab’s sale. As has become tradition, there was cake 🙂
There are more photos over on Flickr and a writeup of the day at the Saabisti New Mexico website.
Thanks to David for the heads up and well done to all on the event!
Josh F has pointed out an interesting occurence in the UK.
We were all pleasantly surprised when we saw the pricing for the new 9-5 in the UK market a few weeks ago. That pleasantness has been further enhanced with the release of pricing for the new Volvo S60.
I’ve not done direct comparisons on size, but it does seem to be a somewhat smaller car. Nevertheless, Volvo seem to have priced it in line with the 9-5 (just a bit under).
The S60 ranges from

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