Wednesday night snippets – slow edition

Knowing I was going to be away this week, I shelled out some hard-earned for a prepaid satellite wireless connection and it’s running as slow as a wet week. I used the same thing just before Christmas when things were running on overdrive and everything was fine. This week, it’s just not working properly and it’s annoying the daylights out of me.
Consequently, I’m finding very hard to keep up with email and any news events out there, but it looks reasonably quiet right now.
I’m spending a lot of time right now thinking about the merits of a Saab 9-2 as proposed by VM against a Saab 9x or 9-XBH type vehicle.
It’s leaning very heavily in one direction – in my mind at least.
I heard from a guy today who’s looking into buying a 9-3 today from his local dealer. A 2008 model, I think. Good to hear that people are getting out there and buying again. I’m sure there are many more, too.
More on that in a few days.
How many of you have starting preparations and bookings for Saab Festival?
I really can’t recommend Saab Festival highly enough and this year of all years – it’s going to be an absolute cracker.
Apparently this one’s under construction for what I assume is a 1,000 mile rally in Mexico.
I’m going to relive myself of this slow machine and bury my head in a book.
Have a wonderful and very Saaby day.

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