Wednesday Snippets – Volcano vs Saab

There’s a good story in the Mirror today, about a Dad-to-be who was stuck in Stockholm while his very pregnant wife was back in England looking after their two kids and ready to drop the third.
That little volcano called Eyjafjallajokull that’s been causing havoc all around Europe this week (and elsewhere, to be honest) gave him some grave fears that he might not get home in time for the birth.
His solution involved Ebay and a long drive in a Saab 9000. A great story.
Tidy looking car, too.
A local dealer should find this guy and hook him up with an Emma Rattle and baby blanket.
Scottish Saab dealers let people know that the company is still around:

Luxury car manufacturer Saab took to the slopes this weekend as the official sponsor of the UK’s first ever national level Skier and Boarder Cross event.
The Saab Challenge, which was sponsored by dealerships across Scotland, saw hundreds of budding skiers and snowboarders travel to Cairngorm Mountain to take part in the event. After becoming one of the highest profile sports of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Saab was chosen to sponsor the event because of its strong shared heritage with Snowsport Scotland and Aberdeen Snowsports Club, the organisers of the weekend.

Of course, Saab has had a partnership with Salomon for some time now and is pretty well represented in this field. It’s good to see these guys starting to build on it.
And speaking of winter stuff….
I know the snow is melting away in Trollhattan now, but I just received a nice set of photos that look like they might have been takn back in February. The place looked very much like this when I was there back then.
RIP Guru.
The SU Forum has been switched off, primarily due to the fact that I just don’t have time to monitor it and I don’t know enough about spam-proofing it.
I really liked the setup and I think it’s a good launch base, but I just don’t have the time.
If anyone’s got any bright ideas or an inclination to run it, please let me know. Good experience with VBulletin essential.

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