All Victor Muller’s quotes about Saab for the last two months in one article

If you’re new to this whole Saab story then this article from AsiaOne will get you up to speed on everything that’s been said about Saab by their new owner over the last few months.
The backstory: Saab were sold to Koenigsegg Group, who then backed out. Saab were on death’s door until GM were finally convinced to sell Saab to Spyker.
Cue music, and Victor. This article brings out every theme he’s spoken about in the months since acquiring Saab, with the exception of the convoys only. Everything else is covered:

  • Saab’s value and profitability
  • Future model plans
  • Smaller Saab.
  • How Saab can succeed
  • Vladimir Antonov
  • etc etc.

If you ever needed a primer on Saabolosophy 2010 style, this is it.

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