Attention Car and Driver Readers: this is not the Saab 9-5 wagon

Car and Driver have published a Saab article this month. I heard about the print version earlier this week and the online version appeared to have just been made available today.

To be honest, it’s not overly interesting and I wouldn’t have spent much time on it. There’s the usual “loss making brand” type laziness (same as the laziness I’m now exhibiting towards C&D, actually) but I guess we can take it as a positive that they’re covering Saab at all without referring to a notion that they’re dead. However……..

I did need to cover this article, however, because there’s an image published with it and I know I’ll get a reasonable number of emails about if I don’t write something here first.

So let me say this striaght out: This is NOT an official image of a Saab 9-5 wagon. It’s little more than a stab in the dark from Car and Driver. The real Saab 9-5 wagon doesn’t look that slab-like or detached at the back, and the roof-line and door-lines aren’t correct in this rendering, either.

So please, temper your reactions, coz this ain’t the real thing. They don’t claim that it is, but then they don’t state it’s an artist’s rendering, either.

You can read the Car and Driver article here.

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