BAIC are NOT believed to be distributing Saabs in China

As is the way of the internet, there’s a lot of secondary stories coming out now, stating that Beijing Automotive are going to take over the distribution of Saabs in China from Shanghai Automotive (GM joint venture).

I posted the story myself, then added an update when I heard from Sweden that this is something that’s been written in China only, and hasn’t come from Saab or been confirmed by them.

With the proliferation of more stories on the web, I thought it prudent to get a headline out there stating that the base story is, for all intents and purposes, not true.

From what I’ve heard, the relationship between Beijing Automotive and Saab does not extend beyond the outgoing technologies they’ve bought from Saab and whatever contracts are in place to assist with engineering those vehicles for production.

Whilst I can say that the story hasn’t originated from Sweden and is not confirmed by Saab, I can’t say categorically that BAIC won’t distribute Saab in the future. However, the fact that Swedish sources wrote to me to jump on this so quickly suggests that the story is basically untrue.

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