EnG Snippets – Flood Edition

Wow, I had lots of plans this weekend that have been thwarted by the record rainfall and subsequent flooding here in Nashville, Tennessee. Not only is it decidedly not convertible weather, I can’t travel more than about two or three miles in any direction due to road closings due to water standing on the roadway. I live on a little plateau surrounded by the Harpeth River and West Harpeth River valleys. Those valleys are flooded and impassable. Ten inches or so of rain in 48 hours, and the forecast is for another three inches or so today and tonight. That’s more than many cities in the world get in a year, and even for a rainy climate like ours, that’s more than we typically get in two or three entire months. Strange.
Believe me, Saabs can go in many types of inclement weather, but they make horrible boats! (This one excepted.)
BMW’s do not make for good watercraft, either.
bmw boat.jpg
Four-wheel drive? That won’t save you this time!
subaru boat april 2010.jpg
On to the Saabs……
First up, the 1967 Saab 96 Roadster in the Lane Motor Museum collection has been cosmetically upgraded somewhat and is now back on display. As a 1967 model, this car still has the Monte Carlo 850cc three-cylinder, two-stroke, 85 hp engine under the hood, making it somewhat a rarity here in North America on that basis alone. Fold in the drop top and you’ve got a truly unique beast. This particular example was one of six created under contract to Saab in the 1960’s as a prototype. It was deemed too expensive to produce.
Lane Motor Museum Saab 96 roadster front.jpg
Because another event was to take me to this part of town this weekend, I was planning to look in on this car while I was there. Oh, well, I’ll go some other time.
Saab has made a move to improve UK fleet sales of Saab automobiles, hiring a former Vauxhall (read: GM) executive to revitalize sales. Paul Adler has bravely taken on the challenge. The odd twist here is that Saab operations manager Steve Caitlin will assume Mr. Adler’s old position at Vauxhall in a direct swap.
I wonder what it’s like to be traded? Seems odd. Weird things happen.
There’s always something on eBay.
I wouldn’t buy it, but some of you may like it.
And, a shout out to all of you that voted for my new pup, Rico, in the cover dog contest. He was a finalist. More after the jump.

Rico was selected as a finalist, but a Cocker Spaniel won the competition. Here’s the page in which he appeared in print. Thanks again for voting!
Rico Nashville LIfestyles Small.jpg

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