Erik Carlsson visits Saab show in Poland

It sounds like that II Antique Saab Convention in Poland over the weekend was a big success. There were around 160 Saabs in attendance with 60 or so of those being of the vintage kind.

The show was held in Mosina, a town of just 12,000 people, so it’s no surprise that the near-200 cars in attendance (whilst a Saab event, there were several other brands there, too) filled the town square to overflowing.


The guest of honour, of course, was none other than Mr Saab, Erik Carlsson, who made himself available to all comers. I’m told that whilst Erik was ferried around in a new Saab 9-3x courtesy of the local Saab dealer, his first instinct upon leaving the airport was to head for a red Saab 96 in the carpark!

And it looks like there were some very nice Red Saabs there for him to choose from:

Mosina_13 RedSaab96.JPG

The Polish Saab Community can be justifiably proud for hosting such an event, especially on the back of them having one of the highest attendances of all the Saab Support Convoys. The primary organisers were Krzysztof R and his daughter, Paulina, both Saab nuts and members of the rather informal Vintage Saab Club in Poland.

Bravada tells me that there a number of other countries represented there, too, most notably the Finns. Congratulations to all who attended and made this event a success.

There are some great photos here at Justyn’s blog, here at Picasa, as well a collection of seven videos here.

Attendees voted for the most elegant Saab present, with this Sonett and Saab 95 taking home the chocolates.




Thanks very much to Justyn, Bravada for the details and Robert W for pics.

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