Friday Night Snippets – Arrival edition

Last time I heard from them – admittedly several weeks ago – the guys at Auto Motor and Sport were very firm in their belief that there would be some technical collaboration between Saab and BMW, which means there could be some Teutonic engines in future Swedish cars – possibly.
With that in mind, you might want to check out this article at Autosavant on a new BMW 3-cylinder engine that’ll be powering a future generation of the Mini.
Saab 9-2, anyone?
Victor Muller received a parcel of Spyker shares as a bonus for pulling off the Saab deal earlier this year.
DutchNews are reporting that those shares have been sold, netting a cool little windfall for the smiling man in the suit. Muller remains a major shareholder in the company, having arranged his shareholding to sit just below the percentage where he’d be required to make a mandatory takeover offer for the rest of the shares (that condition could well explain the sales of the bonus shares, too).
Some 2010 models are arriving in the US – finally.
Shaw Saab – in Norwell, MA – seem to be pretty happy with the brand new 9-3x that’s just landed in their yard.
Have I mentioned that I love the Saab 9-3x?
There are heaps more photos here.
And speaking of Saab in the US……. some of you might have received this via email:
Thanks to David!

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