Good news on Saab sales from Sweden

I mentioned yesterday that it was relatively positive news that Saab sales were only down by 14% in Sweden last month. They’d been down by around 60% for each of the last 12 months.
Unwritten in all of these sales posts is that for Sweden, the sales figures are based on actual deliveries made to customers, so they don’t necessarily reflect the actual sales activity in dealerships in any given month.
So whilst deliveries this month were still down, that doesn’t necessarily mean that sales activity was down. Far from it, in fact, as this news story from E24 explains:

And those who sell Saab cars have seen a superb increase in sales. For ANA, who sell Saabs in Trollhattan, they have nearly doubled orders between January and April to about 177 cars, compared with 90 cars in the corresponding period last year.
However, newly registered after lagging, says ANA’s CEO Joachim Lind, due to the long production stoppage that lasted between December and February at the Saab factory. Registrations of Saab Cars continued to fall. The decline was 14.7 percent in April and amounted to a total of 528 registered Saab Cars. But the increase in sales soon learn to reflect on registration numbers.
-Now we will deliver a lot of cars here during May and June, all at once, “says Joachim Lind.

Another dealer is noted as saying “it’s fun to be a dealer once again”.
That’s good news all round. Just what we wanted to hear.
Thanks to Henrik for the Googletrans in comments.

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