Housekeeping – get a gravatar

Saabs United has had Gravatars enabled for a while now and if you haven’t got one, then why not?

What’s a gravatar, I hear some of you ask? It’s a fun little way of brightening up the comments section of the website.

How it works:

Go to and create your gravatar. It’s a very simple registration process and it only takes a minute or two using an image that you supply.

The gravatars to be shown here are restricted to ‘G’ and ‘PG’ ratings. Let’s keep it clean, people.

IMPORTANT: When you register and create your gravatar, be sure to use the same NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS you use when you leave a comment. The software will look up your gravatar based on your email address and slot it in.

You can see a few examples (from the old Trollhattan Saab days) in the image above, left. Your gravatar should automatically show up at other Gravatar-enabled sites that you visit and comment on, too.

When you’re done at, why not come back, leave a comment and see if it’s worked OK!!!

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