Interview with Victor Muller on TV4

There’s an interview with Victor Muller online at Sweden’s TV4 website.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about it, because it doesn’t seem to want to play for me (fixed – didn’t work on Chrome, but worked on Firefox).

The link is here.

UPDATE: Embedded video after the jump!

This was a good story, but still frustrating given the continued scepticism of the reporter. I can only assume Hakan Matsson was similarly negative in his comments at the end as they were in Swedish and I couldn’t understand them.

The frustration on Victor’s face in the latter half of the interview was telling as he had to continue to pour water over the negative line taken by the interviewer. It’s fair enough, I suppose, but one really has to wonder if and when the Swedish press might ever turn and see Saab as a possible success story.

As I’ve spoken to more people about certain members of the Swedish press, it’s become evident that there are certain members of the motoring fraternity who take a particular line on an issue and never, ever change – regardless of evidence to the contrary.

I guess you could say – as if we didn’t know it already – that the next two weeks are going to be critical. Saab will finally get journalists into the new Saab 9-5 and those reviews are going to go a long way towards letting people know that Saab are still alive and selling a fantastic new car.

As mentioned, the embedded video is after the link below.

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