New Saab 9-5 advert being filmed?

9-5ad.JPGUPDATE: It is indeed a Saab ad being filmed, as posted on Saab’s Facebook page. Thanks Kroum!

I don’t know if you folks saw this in comments, but Dippen linked to a photo that possibly could have captured the Saab 9-5 being filmed or photographed for a new advertisement.
Click here to see the full image.
You can see the car in the foreground looking quite cool with it’s running lights switched on, but the tell-tale appears to be some rigging in the background that could be used for camera or lighting equipment.
Hopefully all will be revealed soon. Press testing of the 9-5 starts in a few weeks from now and deliveries are scheduled to start shortly thereafter, so the ads will need to be ready to go, quite soon.

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