Possible Saab dealership setup for Canada

I’ve been tapping some sources in Canada since the announcement and in a Djup Strupe manner, this is the outline I’ve received for the dealership setup there at the moment.
This isn’t confirmed yet and as you can see there are some that are still in talks and yet to be appointed.
Vancouver – 1 ready to go another in talks for total of 2
Calgary – 1 ready to go
Edmonton – Working on options
Winnipeg – 1 ready to go.
Toronto – 2 ready to go. Hopefully 1 more to be found.
Kitchener – 1 ready to go.
London – 1 ready to go
Ottawa – 1 ready to go
Montreal – 1 ready to go and looking for options.
Quebec City – 1 ready to go.
Halifax – 1 ready to go
St John’s – 1 ready to go.
That’s 12 ready to go with another one in talks and several markets looking at additional options. The announcement mentioned around 20 dealerships being the starting point, so I’d imagine some of those options are starting to take shape already.
Names of dealers haven’t been mentioned but I’d imagine most of these markets had a dealer previously and it would be those same dealers in most instances.
It’ll be interesting to see if any new dealerships pop up.

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