It gives me a great deal of pleasure to be publishing this release today.
The journey for New Salem Saab over the last 24 months, and particularly the last 4 months or so, mirrors what Saab went through in 2009 and early 2010. They’ve been within a breath of being forced to close – until today.
I’ll let Darryl Carl tell the story. My congratulations to him and this team on a new chapter for one of the oldest family-owned dealerships in the United States.

Good Day Saab Friends,
This is not your typical press release. This is a letter of celebration! Today is a historic day indeed. Yet another chapter for New Salem Saab was closed this morning only to start reading from a new chapter, one with excitement, growth and inspiration!
This morning New Salem Saab received final word that we HAVE BEEN approved by Saab Cars North America to move forward as a Saab Dealer here in the Albany market! To explain the road we had to travel to complete this nearly impossible task would be only a reminder of a period where time stood still, the sky had no color and anticipation had no direction.
Living in a cryogenic state of dormancy for the last two years has been a humbling and educational experience for all of us involved. We are proud to be able to continue to give and receive the support, trust and loyalty from our many friends and customers who believed in the brand and our dealership in maintaining our operation.
We still have a long road to hoe. We plan to provide unsurpassed communications through social media, websites, message boards, cell phones and every avenue we can utilize to answer questions quickly, honestly and keep you and your family actively informed in a positive engaging manner. I will personally be available to our customer base almost 24/7 through these types of media.
Today time is passing again in wholesale fashion, the Northern Lights are in full bloom and the anticipation has a pointed direction. New Salem Saab will reach yet another milestone in just a few months. New Salem Saab will turn 50 years old in 2011. That’s 50 years with the Saab brand we love and believe in completely with a brand new ownership and leadership which will steward this brand to heights we’ve known we can achieve.

If you have not seen the all new Saab 9-5 due to arrive here in the States early in the third quarter I would ask you to visit to take a look at this truly remarkable car. In addition, the inclusion of the all new 9-3x and the best Saab 9-3 line up ever will surely get your automotive juices flowing!
Soon thereafter in early 2011 we will start to receive the brand new Saab 9-4x another exciting new product to the Saab line up. You may also want to read up on the newest concepts for the future of the brand which include possibly a new 92 and consideration for an all new Saab Sonnet are in discussions. Within the next 18 months Saab will have released and have for sale a totally brand new line up of Saab products.
Visit and for the latest and ongoing stream of positive information regarding Saab, our products, its customers and a future that is so bright, it could only carry one name, SAAB.
New Salem Saab is celebrating! We already have started to slowly throttle up operations. In addition, Albany Speed Shop is not far behind. All new to the area, Do-it-Yourself service, automotive cosmetic and performance upgrades, Chassis Dyno services for almost everything with wheels, performance and race car preparation and support, Mod-lite and

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