Quick Targa Tasmania update

I posted some images from the Targa vehicles display during the week, noting that one of my favourites from the exhibition was this fantastic looking little Renault Alpine.
Renault Alpine
I saw another image of it today, though it’s not the one I’d hoped to see:
That’s the view from Hyundai’s entry in the showroom class – a diesel i30 – as it passed the ditched Renault on the very first competitive leg of the event!
All was well, though. It seems the only damage was to the driver’s pride. I’ve had a look through the results from the first few days and the little Frenchie has been posting times, so it seems they got a lift out of the trench and kept going, which is great to hear.
The first day’s Targa stages would have been absolute hell on wheels as it was a very wet and windy day up on northern Tasmania. There were Porsches plowed into power poles and a number of competitors racked up DNF’s on that first day.
More worrying than that, though, is this story of one driver claiming a disgruntled local might have sabotaged the course:

TTcrash1.jpgA TARGA Tasmania driver has accused an unknown person of deliberately pouring oil on the road near Mt Roland.
Three cars crashed near the oil, with the driver and navigator from one car leaping an armco railing to avoid a car driven by 2008 winner Steve Glenney.
Porsche 911 RSR driver Simon Froude, of Launceston, said the sheer volume of oil made him believe it was a case of sabotage.
He said cars would have been travelling close to 160km/h on the section of road.
Targa organisers stopped competitive driving straight after the crash.

That would be an absolute tragedy. I’d suggest some very serious charges would be laid if they found the idiot who did this.
There are some nannies who don’t like Targa taking place every year. Fair enough, but placing people’s lives in danger like that is just ridiculous.

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