Saab 9-5 pricing – France

I received an email last night from a Saab blogger in France, stating that his local dealer had ordered a couple of Saab 9-5s and they provided him with the following guidance for pricing.

French Saabists can read the full entry in their native tongue here for the full context.

The rest of us English speaking silly bedwetting types will have to satisfy ourselves with the following:

2.0 TID 160ch

  • Linear 37 900€
  • Vector 42 900€

2.0T 220ch

  • Linear 40 900€
  • Vector 45 900€
  • Aero 49 950€

2.0T 220ch XWD

  • Linear 43 700€
  • Vector 48 700€
  • Aero 52 750€

V6 2.8T XWD

  • Aero 57 350€


BVA (not sure what that is) – 1900€
Metallic paint – 1000€

Prices not yet available for:

  • 1.6T 180ch*
  • 2.0T 220ch Biopower* *
  • 2.0TID 190ch **


Thanks for the info!

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