Saab 92 Concept Rendering from Motor Trend July 2010 Issue

It’s been sometime since I’ve posted here at SaabsUnited, so bear with me if this has been written about in these pages previously. I don’t believe that it has.
Either way, this little tidbit is simply too good to pass unnoticed. With thanks to my friends at State of Nine via Twitter, I discovered Motor Trend‘s concept of the planned Saab 92. By now, we’ve seen so many of these shapely renderings that it would almost seem superfluous to post yet another. However, in my opinion, this one is one of the best, truly a unique small car that is visibly vintage Saab and thoroughly modern at the same time.
I’m not sure that the text of the short news column has much new information for those of us that follow Saab regularly, but it is good to see the mainstream automotive press in the United States paying some attention to real growth at Saab. Additionally, I always like to hear Victor Muller’s adamant proclamations of independence. On the subject of the new 9-3, Motor Trend quotes Mr. Muller thus:

The 9-3 won’t be on the Epsilon II platform, as GM had once planned, Muller explains.
“It’s a heavily modified Epsilon I platform, but Saab’s now.” GM halted Epsilon II 9-3 development some time ago. “So that’s the basis for the new 9-3. We have no further restraints. We don’t have to share it with anyone else. Which means we can knock ourselves out to make it the car we want it to be.”

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