Saab execs inspire confidence

Do you think Saab’s senior executives could be starting to feel a little like this?
Peter Brown from Automotive News shared a breakfast with Jan-Ake Jonsson and Victor Muller whilst they were in Detroit recently and the two joked that they have been doing their “dog and pony show” for some time now, but they’re not sure which one’s the dog and which one’s the pony.
The Automotive News piece is a short article only and there’s no news in it at all. What there is, though, is another member of the automotive press coming to understand what’s going on with Saab and by his own admission, gaining more confidence from having met VM and JAJ.
I guess that’s why they’re doing it, and it’s also why I’d love to see VM in a series of “we’re back” or “we’re still here” advertisements to kick things off before the product advertising. but that’s just me.
Thanks the Chris for the link.

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