Saab Festival program now online

Who’s coming to the Saab Festival this year?

It’s going to be a great one this year with a real feeling of celebration in the air. It’s been timed to coincide with some other fantastic activities in Trollhattan, too, so there will be no shortage of things to do and see.

The Saab Festival website has just published a program of events to give people some idea as to what will be going on on different days. I imagine there’s still a few more details to come (such as what seminars will be on, and where) but this is a great start.

Thanks to Justyn for the tip. And please, if you can make it there, do it. Personally speaking, it’s the best motoring experience I’ve ever had and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Check out all the details at the Saab Festival website.


The Festival kicks off
The Saab Festival kicks off with a variety of activities already on Thursday. A good starting point för the Festival is the Saab Car Museum, the hub around which most of the Festival revolves. And of course the Saab Car Museum will be open all week. And most possibly there will be one or two surprises for the visitors in the exhibition.

The Midnight Sun Rally (Thu-Fri)
During Thursday and Friday the Midnight Sun Rally passes thru Trollhättan. The cars will come to Trollhättan on Thursday afternoon for an overnight stop. Park Fermé will be at the Saab Car Museum. If you want to see and hear more than 20 Saabs together will 150 other historic cars in full action this is something you just don’t want to miss. (The Midnight Sun Rally was originally arranged between 1950 and 1964. The rally was re-established in 2006 as a historical rally, and participating cars must not be newer than 1981. Find out more about the rally thru their website via the link below.

A really good reason for an early start on Friday is the restart of the Midnight Sun Rally. Get down to the museum early in the morning to witness when 170 or so historical cars takes off for the first special stage of the day.

Fallens Dagar – Local event for the whole family (all days)
The Saab Festival 2010 is coinciding with the city of Trollhättans biggest annual event – “Fallens Dagar” (The Waterfall Days) – It’s one of the biggest tourist attractions of the whole summer season (except the Saab Festival of course=) with lots and lots of activities, artists and of course, water in the impressive water falls that Trollhättan is so famous for. See more about “Fallens Dagar” via the link below.

Factory Tours (TBA)
Since the factory will be in full production due to the launch of the new Saab 9-5, we will be able offer you factory tours for you to see the production of what might be your new car at close range. We will be back with timetables and booking procedures shortly.

Guided tours and seminars at ANA Trollhättan (multiple days)
The worlds biggest Saab dealer and reference plant for Saab Automobile, ANA Trollhättan will arrange guided tours of the facilities and also host interesting seminars during the day. And while there, why don’t take a test drive in one of the latest models in their demo fleet. There will also be a number of seminars at the Saab Car Museum.

Scenic Drive (all days)
A good way of discovering the beautiful scenery of the West Coast of Sweden is to take a scenic drive in your Saab. Roadbooks with directions and tourist attraction recommendations along the way will be available at the museum.

Outlet of Saab parts (Starts Friday)
No Saab Festival without an outlet of Saab parts from ANA Begagnade Delar (former SDCC). This year the outlet will be located at their ordinary premises, not at the Saab Car Museum. (directions will come). Due to the short preparation time we cannot promise the same magnitude of parts on the outlet as previous years. But we do know is that they are working full time to find as many parts as they can in the short time they have ’til the festival starts. However it’s our ambition that everyone should be able to find someting for their Saab in the outlet.

Fallens Dagar Kraftprovet and entertainment for the whole family (Friday)
Fallens Dagar has entertainment for the whole family, and one of the main events of Friday is the 11 km city run “Kraftprovet” (the Power Test) around the waterfall area that attracts thousands of runners and even more bystanders. Unfortunately there are no motorised aids allowed but the run is well appreciated from the bystanders point of view. A good spot to watch the race from is at the uphill slope down by the locks. The main race starts at 4pm not far from the Hojum Power Plant.

Fallen Dagar also hosts performances, stands, theatre, dance, music and sports events. Also, the waterfalls are activated at 12, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 11 pm. See more about Fallens Dagar via the link below.

Family Rally (Saturday)
On Saturday morning there will be what we i Sweden call a “Familjerally”. It means is that you pack your family into your Saab, get a roadbook and go for a drive along small and beautiful roads (we think) around Trollhättan at a comfortable pace. Along the way you have to answer some Saab related questions. It’s all very relaxed and it’s no speed race, it’s all about getting the most right answers at the questions. Coffee will be served along the way. The whole trip will take approxemately 2-3 hours.

Car show (Saturday)
The traditional car show and judgment in different cathegories will be held on Saturday this year. And since it is YOU who makes the Festival to what it is, with your fantastic Saabs and passionate attitude that inspires all and everyone with the Saab spirit, we want as many of you as possible to be able to participate in the car show and show the public what a great car Saab is to own and what wonderful owners you meet in a Saab. Having the car show on Saturday also has the advantage that those of you who has long way home and need to be on your way on Sunday not to miss ferries and such can enjoy the exhibition to its full without getting ants in your pants. Furthermore we can conduct the prize giving ceremony in nice surroundings at the Festival dinner that will be held in the evening.

Festival Dinner – (Saturday)
After a full day in and around Saabs you need to get together to – discuss some more Saab subjects right!? Therefore we will meet again in the evening at the Festival Dinner that will be held at the same place that accomodated the anniversary dinner in 2007. Now newly renovated and were proud to be the first event to take place in the renovated building.

Naturally we will be eating a tastful dinner toghether and we can guarantee you a high concentration of Saab celebrities on the premises this evening. There will be entertainment with Saab focus (of course) from the stage and the winners in the car show earlier will be announced att brought on stage to recieve their prizes.

We will also be celebrating 50th anniversary of the Saab 96 – the car that gave Saab it’s reputation in rally and so closely came to be associated with Erik Carlssons (on the roof) successful career.

More info and booking procedures will show on the festival website shortly.

Saab swap meet (Sunday)
After a well earned sleep in it’s time for what many people think is the climax at a Saab meeting – a real swap meet. A perfect chance to find that part that has seemed to be almost impossible to find. Make a bargain on some gadget you didn’t know you needed or just stroll around the vendors, socialise with people and enjoy the atmosphere. Or maybe this is the excuse you need to clean up in the workshop and get rid of some of the old junk that’s just been sitting there for ever. Make someone else happy and make som money on your old stuff.

Take a break at the museum (Sunday)
The museum is open until 5 pm on Sunday so when you need a break from the part searching expedition you will have a chance to relax for a moment, watch some old rally movie or just take a look at the collection to see what your project is going to look like when you find that last missing bit.

Fireworks ends Fallens Dagar (Sunday)
For those of you who’re not in a hurry to get back home, we really want to recommend the grand finale of “Fallens Dagar”. After the last opening of the water falls (illuminated) there will be a grand firework to mark the ending of the 2010 Fallens Dagar. This is well worth seeing. (If you want to know what to expect you kan take a look at the 2009 fireworks at YouTube.)

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