Saab GB chief Jonathan Nash staying with Saab

Good news in from Just Auto today, stating that experienced hand and man with a penchant for green, Jonathan Nash, will be staying on with Saab GB rather than taking the cushy option and sticking with GM.

He has just about finished his search for a new HQ (probably Milton Keynes) and is deep into hiring mode.

Funny, but he hasn’t called me yet…. (but I’ll be over in July if you’d like an interview)

Saab GB are being purchased by Spyker Cars as part of the Saab deal and all the employees there were apparently given the choice of staying or going. Nash said the vast majority are coming over, though some were only ever seconded to Saab anyway and didn’t have an option.

There are a number of Saab people in other jurisdictions in a similar boat to Mr Nash and I think it’s a great vote of confidence that they’re sticking with the company.

Thanks to gijzje for the link!

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