Saab in McDonalds and Burger King advertising

It’s funny how things can flow in waves into your inbox.

I get occasional emails about Saabs showing in films and/or advertising but it wouldn’t be accurate to say those come in frequently.

Today, I got two emails about Saabs being used in two different ads for two different fast food outlets. What are the odds?

First is this very attractive looking classic Saab 900 shown in a McDonalds advertisement in Switzerland. You can see the McDonalds ad here.

It’s not a particularly outstanding ad, but the car is definitely the star.

The second is just a screen grab. I haven’t been able to find a video clip yet, but it’s an ad from Burger King featuring pigs flying. You can see one of the airborne porkers taking out a pedestrian here, in front of what looks like a rather customised Saab 9-3.

Given the different front of that 9-3, it might be possible that someone knows the car. Not highly likely, but possible.

Anyway, thanks to Alexandre and Michael Z for the tips, and here’s to seeing some real Saab ads soon, linked to more healthy (and less Swade-like) lifestyles.

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