Saab signs up JATO for 9-5 launch – and I have no idea what that means


Saab has signed a new contract with JATO Dynamics, ahead of the Swedish firm’s launch of its important new model, the all-new 9-5.

After reading an entire report in the news about it, I still have no idea what signing up JATO means. Maybe that’s why I’m stuck here writing about these cars instead of helping them sell them. I just don’t get it enough.

“Other than getting the fundamental engineering of a new car right, the most important factor to a model’s success is to have a thorough understanding of the market and for us to have a detailed and complete comparison with competitor products, including specifications and pricing in each of the core markets”, says Svante Kinell, manager, Global Business Management at Saab.

“Only then can we establish the perfect specification and pricing strategy of our own. Without the right intelligence, our marketing objectives for the launch cannot be met.”

I don’t know if this is an after-the-fact report, but it seems they might be cutting it fine with that, given that pricing and spec have been released in a number of places and the launch is just over a week away.

Here’s the low-down from JATO’s website:

JATO has set the industry standard in the delivery of effective intelligence to the automotive arena. Information is delivered in consistent formats, across multiple user-friendly platforms: internet, desktop and portable media.

Our customers can be confident in the JATO promise – delivery of the world’s most accurate and up-to-the minute market intelligence.

  • Detailed vehicle specification – standard and optional equipment, published in real-time
  • Vehicle prices, option prices and build rules
  • Vehicle sales and registration information enhanced by market research detail, integrated with our price and specification information
  • Real-time news on market and product events – 30,000 + news topics annually
  • Manufacturer sales incentives
  • Total cost of ownership information
  • Option take rate and fitment

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