Saab take four-pronged attack to UK fleet market – incl Saab 9-3 update

Fleet News has an article where they speak with Paul Adler, Saab’s fleet sales manager in the UK, who is tasked with reviving fleet sales that have sagged from a high of 10,000+ a few years ago to just 185 so far this year.
Adler plans to:

  • re-establish confidence in the brand after to uncertainty over ownership
  • regain the confidence of the pricing guides and end users.
  • provide an enhanced range of vehicles, starting with the 9-5 but also an enhanced 9-3
  • focus on his new department’s skills. He is recruiting at the moment

It’s that third one that might be of most interest to us here….

The 9-3 will undergo some enhancements, including engines, before a new model is launched. Within a couple of years, the company will also launch an all-new model, widely touted to be the 9-4X mid-size crossover seen at a number of motor shows.

There has been talk about enhancing the Saab 9-3 before an all-new model comes out in 2012. Whilst it’s been mentioned in an anecdotal fashion, this is the first glimpse into this from a Saab executive that I can recall in print.
Bravada agrees, and I thank him for sending through the link.

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