Saab US leasing deals now appearing

I heard some good news from a dealer in the US today, telling me in a very happy tone that he’s finally placed an order for 20 new Saab 9-3s and 10 new Saab 9-5s.
As we’ve seen already, new stock is starting to trickle in, including the Saab 9-3x. Things are finally starting to move forward for Saab and their US dealers.
Automotive News has a good article today, including details of the new leasing deal for the Saab 9-3. This is significant in itself because Saab hasn’t been able to offer leasing as an option for customers for some time now.

Saab can move on the marketing front now that it has begun slowly building up its U.S. pipeline. The 9-3 has been trickling into the United States since late March. Before that, dealers had not had a shipment of Saab vehicles since last June…..
….Saab is offering a 2010 9-3 Sport Sedan 2.0 with automatic transmission for $399 a month with a $3,374 down payment; the term is 48 months. Advertising to promote the lease program will be primarily newspapers, direct mail, digital and social media. Some co-op advertising is planned. The program expires June 1.

There are more details available at the Current Offers section of the SaabUSA website.

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