SaabWay Club Italy covers the Mille Miglia

This is absolutely fantastic stuff. There’s some priceless stories and images here.
I told you a few weeks ago that Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson would be cheered on in different locations along the Mille Miglia route by various members of the Italian Saab Club, called SaabWay. They stuck to their promise and below is an account of their meetings as well as a bunch of fantastic photos.
My thanks to Luca for sending this stuff along. Just brilliant!

Hi Swade !
I’m writing you to inform you about the great success of our project!
We set up little groups in Brescia (Start), Ferrara, Mantova, Rome and again in Brescia (for the finish).
I was there in Brescia (Night Arrival) and it was a wonderful experience! It was really exciting. We waited for two hours, but then we were repaid getting to spend one hour talking and laughing with Muller & Jonsson, waiting for their turn for the final presentation.
These are two fantastic and friendly persons!! They talked with us about Saab of course, and also the competition, Italy in general, etc etc..
A funny story from the event:
Jonsson got involved in a small accident during the race. Victor Muller arrived first and when we asked him “where is Mr. Jonsson?” he answered: “Mr. Jonsson had a little problem on the road.. a House crossed without watching and he hit it..” ahahhaha !!! πŸ˜€
Then, Mr. Jonsson came minutes later, explained that they were driving “a bit” fast and one car come out from a STOP sign suddenly, so they had to brake fast and the car skidded a little and bounced off a little wall on the road. They also had to change a wheel due to this accident, but nothing bad for the two occupants and the car managed to finish the race as well. πŸ™‚
DSC_0171.JPG We also managed to see the famous Muller’s BlackBerry and especially the pictures you saw about the little 9-2. πŸ™‚ One of our friends tried to get a picture of the BlackBerry, but Victor turned it very quickly as you can see in a picture, ehehe… it was very funny he absolutely wasn’t angry about it, he joked. Fantastic person!
You can see also other photos about other groups along Italy. But at the arrival in Brescia we were so lucky spending a real hour free to stay with them..!! Amazing !
At this link you can see also the video I took at the final official arrival of the two Saabs.. I translate for you what the speaker said in Italian:
“And now the Saab driven by Mr. Victor Muller, the new Saab Owner.. who didn’t know wich Saab Model to buy and so decided to buy the whole company!” :-)))
Both Muller and Jonsson appreciated very much our idea.. and that was our goal!
As I mentioned – what a great bunch of stories and it’s just fantastic that they got to spend some time with Victor, Jan-Ake and their sons, Olivier and Christian.
Here are some more photos.

From the departure in Brescia:

Click through for some more fantastic photos……


Passing through Ferrara……

And then in Rome, doing as the Romans do (roamin’)…..
If you’re wondering what Victor and Olivier are looking at ahead……..

And on arriving back in Brescia…..

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