SaabWay report from Mille Miglia #2

I posted an initial report from SaabWay earlier today and it was full of great photos and stories from the event. The Italian Saab Club – called SaabWay – had supporters out in various cities in Italy showing their Saab Spirit and supporting Victor Muller and Jan-Ake Jonsson as they participated in the historic rally in their 1957 Saab 93s.
Following is a second report from the guys at SaabWay, based on their meeting up with VM and JAJ in Rome. Click to enlarge the attached photos.

Our Roman enthusiasts also managed to met JAJ in his hotel to give him a plate to tell him, in name of Italian Saab enthusiasts, how much we’re grateful to him.
You can see some photos of this meeting below… Our Italian friends told us that Jan-Ake was so surprised about this initiative and happily signed our poster (see the photos). JAJ told that he will put that plate on his desk in his office.
VM wasn’t in the same hotel, so one of them reached the parking the next morning to wait also for VM, to give him his plate to thank “the Saab saver”.. he was surprised as well and showed it proudly to his son.
Special thanks also to the support team, driving an old 9.5 Wagon… to prepare the two car before the race they only had to tank them.. that’s all.
My thanks once again to Luca at SaabWay for sending along the photos and the update.
This event and the SaabWay members’ dedication to it shows the family spirit that surrounds the Saab brand. How many other manufacturers could boast public meetings like this between their top executive and club members?
It’s a wonderful example of the spirit that not only saved this brand earlier this year, but also the dedication that will help it flourish into the future.


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