San Diegans and Marvin K Brown Saab – just in case you missed this

Jennifer Brown is the President at Marvin K Brown Saab in San Diego, California.
I imagine that Jennifer must have been doing a little Google work on the dealership that bears her family name. It’s a common practice in managing brand perception, etc.
However it happened, Jennifer came across a post we did last November about the Saab situation in San Diego (we were unsure whether there would be a dealer there as the result of potential dealership cuts that were talked about at the time).
There was a little bit of discontent with MKB amongst comments, and Jennifer has just responded to that in comments:

Wow – I’m surprised and disheartened to see bad posts concerning MKB. I’m the President here and will make sure we imporve the Saab Sales and Service Departments after reading these posts! I’m sorry if anyone had an experience that was not Excellent — this feedback is VERY important to us, and also beneficial! We are going to remain a Saab dealer and we are very excited about it and certyainly don’t want to lose any customers.
I was recently back in Boston at the Saab meeting – getting to know the new owners – Spyker. They are very excited about Saab and what they’re planning to do with it! They talked about leases coming out, new product, etc.
Please feel free to email me directly if I can help, and we are excited to be a Saab Sales and Servicing dealer. I do take all this feedback seriously so I need to see / know about it! Jennifer Brown – [email protected]

I’d encourage any of you San Diego Saab fans to make contact, if needed and I appreciate Jennifer taking action to respond to comments here.
Occasionally we assess people, practices, places, and sometimes those assessments aren’t glowing. The one thing we all want, though, is success for everyone associated with Saab. From what I’ve heard (I’ve never visited there), San Diego sounds like a city with plenty of potential for Saab – good incomes, and perfect convertible weather.
So thanks again to Jennifer Brown and I wish the best for MKB Saab and the growth of the Saab community there in San Diego.

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