Saturday Snippets – ‘Saab 92’ is everywhere

With over 800 votes lodged in last night’s poll about how future Saabs should be named, the clear winner is retaining Saab’s current nomenclature.

The judges decision is final (because you are the judges) and no further discussions will be entered into. Thanks to all who voted.


On the day of the official launch of the Saab 9-5, it seems it’s a prospective Saab 92 that’s stealing the show.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek wrote the main story in the latest crop, but it’s being picked up absolutely everywhere now, in both English and Swedish.

That Ny Teknik report, incidentally, states that the prospective smaller Saab would quite possibly not be built in Trollhattan, but on an already developed architecture elsewhere. It makes sense from one perspective, but I’d love to see it coming out of Trollhattan.


I like this idea, from Subaru.

Not that I’d like to see it on a Saab, but I just think it’s clever and suits their demographic, in a grown up boy scouts type of way.


From comments, another 9-5 image from today’s launch event:

There’s a larger version here. I’m not sure who took the image, but well done.


Also from comments, there’s some video from SVT (in Swedish). The video is mainly interviews with the various government and union people who attended today. I had the pleasure of meeting a few of them back in Stockholm in February, when the deal was done, so it’s great that they’ve had this opportunity to see the fruits of all the work that was done back then.

Imagine if it hadn’t worked out. That factory would be a ghost town.

It’s nice to see Peter Backstrom in the background with a few vehicles from the Saab Museum, too. I imagine he was keeping a very close eye on the Aero-X 🙂

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