Saturday Snippets – World news edition

We’ve got a little bit of news from everywhere today…..


Australia – work is underway on the next evolution of SU. There will be some big changes under the hood but for you, the reader, it should be mostly business as usual. Hopefully a few extra functions along the way.


Sweden (but for everyone) – If you’re after a bit more poke from your Saab, then get ready for another excellent Maptun offer. Coming later today.


Netherlands – new Saab 9-5 spotted on the A12 on the way back from Schipol (Youtube). Remco says it looks fantastic on the road.


SwitzerlandSaab meets tram. Not a good ending for this Turbo X, but the driver was reportedly OK. Just a little shaken.


I don’t know what Kroum’s on about in comments, talking about France 😉


Italy – There’s another car rally happening at the moment, a mini-Mille-Miglia, if you will. It’s called the Coppa dei tre Laghi (Cup of the Three Lakes) and it’s going on in northern Italy.

Whilst you can’t see them in this pic, there are two Saab 96s in the event, one being driven by the head of the Italian Saab Club, Mr Franco Stupia. has the full run down (in Italian).

That’s some nice company they’re keeping.



France – Etienne has some links to a nice Saab/Spyker display in France. Looks like a very good crowd there.


Sweden – spotted recently by a young bloke named Jonas on his way to school in Karlstad…….


I hope it didn’t run out of electricity.


China – Beijing Automotive are preparing to do an IPO for their passenger vehicle division, a division that’s now been bolstered with the addition of Saab vehicles to its range.

With the integration of Saab’s technology proceeding as planned, BAIC now expects its sales to climb 21 percent to 1.5 million vehicles this year. To solve its production constraint, BAIC is currently building six plants with annual capacity of 1.3 million vehicles that will be made with Saab’s technology, Wang said.

They are numbers that Saab could only dream about. They have to get the new 9-5 there soon.


Everywhere – For those of you who have a soft spot for the other Swedish brand (the big one, not Koenigsegg), Jalopnik have a nice poster featuring the evolution of the Volvo wagon.


And a final link for the Dragon Tattoo fans….. could this be the real world Lisbeth Salander? Much more serious, though, and without the girly parts, of course.

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