Shortest Saab 9-3 owner review ever

I first heard from Lars S a few weeks ago. He was about to buy a black Saab 9-3 from his local dealer and was quite excited about it.

He’s got it now and has sent through one of my favourite ever owners reviews:


Now I’ve had the car for a couple of weeks so I think it might be time for a little review or report. Let’s start with a list of things I don’t like with the car:

  1. I have discovered that every time I drive it, sooner or later I reach my destination and have to stop and step out.
  2. Well, I guess that’s it.

To get a bit serious, this car is absolutely stunning, and being a Saab fan I can’t find any disturbing weaknesses at this point. Just like the 99, this is absolutely a car for people enjoying to drive.

One funny thing about the 9-3 is that some people seem to think that it might be a civilian police-car. The Swedish police often use black Saabs for that purpose, as you might know, so it isn’t totally unlogical that some drivers seem to be watching out a bit when I end up behind them. Even some bikers with Japanese sport bikes held a speed slightly below the limit, and that rarely happens.

Speaking of the 99, I make sure to drive it at least once every week. That car still knows how to put a smile on my face despite the arrival of its younger relative.





Congratulations to Lars on the purchase and I’m pleased to hear it’s going so well!

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