Some imagery from the Saab Canada announcement today

Following is some photos from the announcement made in Canada earlier today, as well as a few more scattered thoughts from Kroum, our man on the spot there in Toronto.
P1010968 - NG 9-5.JPG
The rear headroom in the 9-5 is tight… Mark (i.e. NTP) is just under 6 feet tall and it was tight for him. They should think about adjustable rear seats on the car. That really is the only complaint, everything else about this car is superb!
P1010970 - NG 9-5.JPG

P1010974 - NG 9-5 Interior.JPG
I didn’t really look like there was a great media interest in this event/announcement. I don’t know if they missed the mark on announcing it properly or whatever, but there were not many media representatives there at all today.
P1010980- NG 9-5.JPG
P1010989 - NG 9-5.JPG
I told VM he should open a joint Saab-Spyker showroom only (not a dealership) at an exclusive location in downtown Toronto and he seemed to like the idea. Ferrari and Maserati have such a showroom in the area where I live and the halo effect is quite significant – nested among other high-end stores (e.g. Gucci, Prada, Max Mara, Bang & Olufsen).
P1010996 - NG 9-5 and Sonett in the background.JPG
Both J

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