Spyker sightings in the wild

Even with as small a market share as what Saab has, it’s still relatively easy for a Saab fan to drive around and see another Saab somewhere.
For Spyker fans, it ain’t that easy.
Which makes it all the more remarkable that we have not one, but TWO Spyker sightings to cover here on the site today. Both have happened within the last week or so.
John Carter, a Saab salesman caught this Spyker in a carpark down the street from his dealership last week. Phonecam photo:
I’m not sure how many Spykers are driving on US roads, but there are 50 million cars registered in Germany and only six of them are Spykers. Philippe didn’t just run into one of those six Spykers in his workplace carpark – he ran into the very first Spyker ever registered in Germany.
The story, from Philipp:

One day when I returned to my car after work, I saw (or didn’t see, due to the size difference) this convertible parked next to my car. I only saw the Bordeaux-red leather interior first, then the brushed-alloy dashboard and thought, “Hm – looks almost like a Spyker interior. But wait, aren’t there only forty-three of these cars having been built last year?” However, as I drove off, I saw the characteristic Spyker emblem on the hood, and was angry at myself for not having a camera with me


When I saw the car again the day after that, I put a note under his windshield wiper, telling the owner that I wanted to photograph his car next to mine, and with my e-Mail address added to that. Indeed, the same evening, the Spyker owner replied, offering a photo shooting of our cars. It took a week for that to take place due to an official travel he had to make, but last Wednesday, I used two rolls of film to take a few shots of our cars in the morning sun (must I add that we caused a little traffic jam at the road passing the parking bays?)

The Spyker is a C8 Spyder SWB and the Saab 9-5 in the images is Philipp’s own 1999 Saab 9-5 SE 2.3t.
My thanks to Philipp for taking the time to shoot the images and send in the story, and my congratulations to the owner of this beautiful Spyder.
I hope there are plenty of opportunities for more shots in the future…..
Speaking of which…….
Are you in south-west Germany? Do you have an older Saab that would look good in a photo with these two cars?
Philipp would like to arrange a photo with an older Saab, his own Saab 9-5, as well as the Spyker C8 Spyder shown above.
If you’re in the right area, please get in touch with me and I’ll pass on your contact details to Philipp so that the photoshoot can be organised.

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